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Willow basket weaving: Irish techniques

1. "Irish Pairing"


This is probably the strongest technique there is in relation to its weight.

The fact that it's progresses very quickly and saves a lot of material makes it an amazingly efficient technique.
To finish the weave I simply make two regular rounds of french randing, as seen in the thumbnail picture (I forgot to talk about how to finish).
Also, to make your work easier and more accurate, simply mark the height of the rows upon the uprights.

Willow basket weaving techniques: Two way weave - Advanced French randing application

2. "Two way weave"


Ah, the two way weave. The undisputed beauty among weaving techniques. One that is as challenging as it is mesmerizing.
Though it's basically just french randing to both sides, the execution of it is much more complicated than you may think.
There are some crucial things to understand here, that aren't so simple to figure out on your own.

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