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Weaving an oval willow base in randing: Tutorial


Using randing for an oval base is quite different than using it for a round base. It's important to understand the special rules and principles of how to separate the side sticks, otherwise you cannot maintain a continuous, alternated pattern.

Let's dive right in to the fascinating subject of French oval bases.

Weaving an oval willow base in randing: Tutorial - lesson 2


In this lesson we'll use randing once again to weave our oval base, but this time with an even number of sticks in the sides.
There are some crucial things to understand about this, without which we cannot maintain a continuous, alternated pattern.

If this feels like a lot for you at the moment, and you're still a bit confused with the rules and principles of the first lesson, take some time to weave a few more bases before moving on to this lesson.

Weaving an oval willow base in French randing: Tutorial


French randing an oval base, is, to me, one of the most satisfying weaves there are.
The pure brilliancy and technicality of this weave makes the use of it an utter and complete delight.

I really like using short leftover weavers for this weave, and especially for the first section. It just feels so efficient, and I love it!

Weaving an oval willow base in French randing: Tutorial - lesson 2


French randing an oval base with an even number of side sticks is different from both french randing with an odd number, and plain randing with an even number! It is a whole new topic all by itself, with it's own unique rules and principles.

Once again, if you've just learned this weave, and are still a bit confused with it, make 2-3 more bases with an odd-numbered sides, and then continue to this lesson.

Willow basket weaving: Oval bases theory lesson


In this lesson we'll go over all possible weaves for french oval bases, and how to assemble an oval base to specific measurements.
In addition to that, we will learn to understand the special nature of oval bases, and talk in more detail about the assembly of the base sticks.

The Sheer volume of information in this lesson is immense, so try watching one or two chapters at a time (out of four chapters in total).

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