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French randing is, no doubt, one of the most important techniques in willow basketry.

It is a brilliant development of the palin randing weave, that takes under consideration the nature of the willow rod to give the neatest look possible.

The first lesson is dedicated to the basics, as well as some simple variations, and the second one - to the advanced working method, which is a very important, often overlooked, topic.

The third lesson is an experts class, in which I will teach you how to control the height of the rand.

To conclude this in-depth course, I will demonstrate and talk about color patterns and additional variations.

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Willow weaving techniques - French randing 1

1. Basic French Randing


In this lesson we will take another, more detailed look, at the basics of French randing, and then proceed to two basic variations of it. The first variation is simply using doubled weavers, and the second is "mock waling".
Though figuring these out on your own may seem simple enough, I strongly suggest to watch the lesson, as you may find out a few things you haven't thought about.

Willow weaving techniques - French randing 2

2. Advanced Working Method


Once you've mastered the basics of French randing, you can go ahead and learn the advanced working method, which makes this incredible weave all the more efficient in terms of speed and ease of work.
As in the first lesson, aside from regular French randing, I also demonstrate mock waling and working with doubled weavers in the advanced method.

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