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Staking Up

1 lessons, 22 min

In this online course, you will learn how to add uprights to the base and fold them up before weaving the sides. There are many different methods of doing that and a great deal of correlated theory (especially when it comes to oval and square work). I teach most of the round and oval staking up methods in the first class of this course. Additional methods, plus an in-depth class about basket foot-rims, are things that I’m currently working on.

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Willow Basket Weaving Tutorial - The Upsett


The process of adding uprights in classic round and oval work includes 4 different stages: cutting the stakes, inserting the stakes, kinking the stakes, and, finally, tying them together.  Each of these stages might be done in a number of different ways according to the nature of our work and your personal preferences.  Here I demonstrate some commonly used methods and approaches for each of these stages, and, while doing so - explain their advantages and the reasoning behind them.

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