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Special Basketry Techniques

4 lessons, 1 hour

This is a great online course for the more advanced basket makers among you. It features some beautiful, decorative, special techniques, as well as some other unusual and less-common basket making styles. Learn the incredibly efficient Irish pairing, the complicated and mesmerizing two way weave, the beautiful zig zag weave, the rope coil technique, and more.

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Special Basketry Techniques - Irish Creel Pairing


This amazing weave consists of two different techniques. One of which is our old reliable French randing, and the other is Irish pairing (as I like to call it). Combined together, these two techniques create the firmly secured spaces and diagonal lines characterizing this weave. What makes it an incredibly efficient technique is the fact that it progresses very quickly and uses very little material for a large amount of space. Also, this may very well be the strongest willow weave there is in relation to its weight.

Basket Weaving Techniques - Two Way Weave


The two-way weave is one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, one of the most complicated weaving techniques in existence. I like to say that it is as challenging as it is mesmerizing. Even though it's basically just French randing woven to both directions, the execution of this weave is much more complicated than one might imagine. But, worry not, as I’ve developed a unique working method that helps organize and gain control over this intractable decorative weave.

Willow Basketry - The Zig Zag Weave (Video)


The zig-zag weave, as it’s commonly referred to, is a gorgeous-looking decorative weave that’s bound to enrich the look of any basket. It's pretty similar to the French randing technique in the sense that the number of weavers is equal to the number of stakes. But, in this case, instead of naturally progressing forward, the weavers are folded back towards the other direction. Yet another weaving method that is quite simple in principle but not necessarily easy to execute.

Rope Coil Waling - Special Basketry Techniques (Video Tutorial)


Rope coil waling, or rope coil technique - as it’s commonly referred to, is plain waling done with groups of weavers instead of single ones. To do that, we use relatively short weavers and introduce them in each and every stroke. This means that each round of weave takes up as many weavers as stakes. So, a 32-stake basket with ten rows contains 320 weavers! The bulkiness of this technique makes it remarkably strong and, as most people will agree - exceptionally beautiful.

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