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Basket Weaving Techniques

6 lessons, 4 hours

In this video course I teach rudimentary willow weaving techniques in a very thorough and profound manner. Each lesson starts from the very basics and fundamentals, and progresses, gradually, to explore more and more variations and advanced applications of that technique. The first two topics are waling and French randing, which will include about 12 tutorials overall when completed. Other techniques, such as English randing, slewing and packing, will be added in the future.

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Basket Weaving Techniques - Introduction to Waling


In this beginners lesson I teach all the basic waling weaves, from pairing to a five-rod wale. Aside from showing the correct stroke pattern and hand position, I also talk about the common uses of each weave, and compare them against each other. Within these demonstrations I show the different joins, examine their pros and cons, and when to use each type.

Willow Basketry Techniques - Basic Waling Bands (Video)


In willow work, waling is mainly used to weave waling bands, which are short, strong, segments of weave, that help shape, lock and secure the work. In this lesson I teach the basic and most commonly used types of waling bands. As I demonstrate, I will, off course, talk about when to use each type, beginning and finishing alternatives, and many more important details

Willow Weaving Techniques - Calculated Waling Bands (Video)


This, part theoretical, part practical, advanced basketry lesson, will take your knowledge and skill to the next level. Find out how to calculate the number of rows that will naturally turn out from your weavers, where to make the joins in order to get a specific number of rows, what should be considered when weaving waling bands in square and oval work, and when to use more than two sets of weavers in your band.

Willow Weaving Tutorial - Basic French Randing


In this lesson we will take another, more detailed look, at the basics of French randing, and then proceed to two basic variations of it. The first veriation is simply using doubled weavers, and the second is "mock waling". Though figuring these out on your own may seem simple enough, I strongly suggest to watch the lesson, as you may find out a few things you haven't thought about.

Free Willow Basketry Course - Advanced French Randing


Once you've mastered the basics of French randing, you can go ahead and learn the advanced working method, which makes this incredible weave all the more efficient in terms of speed and ease of work. As in the first lesson, aside from regular French randing, I also demonstrate mock waling and working with doubled weavers in the advanced method.

Advanced Willow Basketry - French Randing (Video Lesson)


Are you ready to take your French randing skills to an expert level? If so, this lesson is for you! Learn how to increase or decrease the height of a French randing section, by any amount and for any number of stakes. Just make sure you are 100% comfortable with the advanced working method before you start with this advanced topic.

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