Beginners Guide to Willow Basket Weaving

6 lessons, 56 min

In this beginner's guide we will learn which basic tools and equipment are needed for willow basket weaving, how to sort your willow properly, how to choose the right rods for your basket, and how to prepare willow for weaving.

How to weave a basket from willow - Video Course

8 lessons, 2 hours

A complete demonstration of a basic willow basket, from start to finish.

I've tried to make it as simple and clear as I could, leaving all unnecessary details behind, and focusing solely on the very basics and fundamentals of willow work, which are hard enough to learn on their own.

Willow Basket Weaving: Round Bases - Online Course

7 lessons, 3 hours

To begin, we'll take a closer look on the assembly of the base sticks. 
After that, I will teach you 4 more important weaves for round bases, that both look better, and are more efficient. As I demonstrate, I also examine different joins types and when to use them, and different ways to "lock" the base. 

Then we'll take our round base knowledge to the next level with "round base theory".

Willow Basket Weaving: Oval Bases - Online Course

5 lessons, 2.5 hours

In this advanced course we will focus on two weaves: French randing and plain randing. Applying those weaves to oval bases is not as simple as it may appear.

There are some very crucial principles that must be understood here, especially in regards to the separation of the side sticks, but also about special nature of oval bases in general. After this, I will go over other possible weaves for French oval bases, and many more important topics that will greatly improve your craft.

Willow Basketry: Adding uprights - Full Video Tutorial

1 lessons, 22 min

The process of staking up includes 4 different stages.

Each of these stages can be done in a number of different ways, according to the nature of our work and your personal preferences. 
Here I demonstrate some commonly used methods and approaches for each of these stages, and, while doing so - explain their advantages and the reasoning behind them.

Willow Weaving Techniques - Full Online Course

5 lessons, 3 hours

The first series in this course is waling, which will include 7 or 8 full-length tutorials overall, starting with a simple introduction to waling, through 3 lessons on waling bands, and on to more advanced applications of it.

Next, there is the French randing series, which will include 4 lessons overall, starting, once again, from the very basics, and on to more advanced uses of it.

Than there will be an English randing series, slewing, packing, and perhaps more.

How to Finish a Basket - Online Video Course

6 lessons, 4 hours

Learning to manage the border part on your own is something that many people struggle with, sometimes for many years. Having seen this time and again, even with long-time basket makers, I've developed an approach of teaching the principles instead of just teaching specific types of borders. Learn to understand, once and for all, the beginning, the middle and the finishing part. Acquire a deep and profound understanding of the subject, and become an expert in border making.

Special Basket Weaving Techniques - Video Course

3 lessons, 47 min

Here I teach all sorts of special techniques and different basket making styles.

Currently there are only a few lessons in this series, but I plan to add several more in the future. 
In the first lesson I teach what I refer to as "Irish pairing", as I don't know the actual name for it. Then there is the amazing and complicated two-way weave, and in the third lesson - the beautiful zig zag weave.

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