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All of my tutorials are completely free, no registration or sign-up required.

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Willow Basket Weaving - Beginners Guide

6 lessons, 56 min

In this beginners guide you will learn which basic tools and equipment are needed for willow basket weaving, how to sort your willow properly, how to choose the right willow rods for your basket, and how to prepare willow for weaving. If you are an absolute beginner in making willow baskets, this video guide is a great place to start.

Willow Basket Weaving for Beginners

8 lessons, 2 hours

A complete demonstration of a classic willow basket, teaching the most basic and elementary willow weaving techniques. Each lesson focuses on one part of the basket or one specific technique, which makes things much clearer and easier to follow, whether you are a complete beginner, or you already made your first steps in the world of basketry.

Basket Bases - Full Online Basketry Course

7 lessons, 3 hours

First, we'll take a close and detailed look on the assembly of the base sticks, and then I'll teach you several important techniques commonly used for weaving round bases (pairing, reverse pairing, plain randing and French randing). Aside from the weaves themselves, I will also teach you different types of joins, different ways to lock the base, and a great deal of round-base theory.

Oval Bases - Willow Basket Weaving Tutorial

5 lessons, 2.5 hours

This advanced course is focused around two primary techniques: 

plain randing and French randing. 

Applying those weaves to oval bases is not as simple as it may appear. The process is very different from weaving round bases, and without thorough understanding of the subject, chances are you'll get lost and become frustrated.

Willow Basket Weaving Tutorial - Adding Uprights

1 lessons, 22 min

Adding uprights to a basket (a process commonly known as staking up), can be done in a number of different ways, most of which I demonstrate in this course. I talk primarily about round bases, but also about oval bases, and what should be considered when staking them up. Two more lessons twill be added in the future. The first of them - on weaving basket foots, and the second - on staking up in square work.

Willow Weaving Techniques - Free Online Basketry Course

6 lessons, 4 hours

In this video course I teach rudimentary willow weaving techniques in a very thorough and profound manner. Each lesson starts from the very basics and fundamentals, and progresses, gradually, to explore more and more variations and advanced applications of that technique. The first two topics are waling and French randing, which will include about 12 tutorials overall when completed. Other techniques, such as English randing, slewing and packing, will be added in the future.

Special Basketry Techniques - Free Online Course

4 lessons, 1 hour

This is a great online course for the more advanced basket makers among you. It features some beautiful, decorative, special techniques, as well as some other unusual and less-common basket making styles. Learn the incredibly efficient Irish pairing, the complicated and mesmerizing two way weave, the beautiful zig zag weave, the rope coil technique, and more.

Online Basketry Course - Basket Borders and Finishes.

6 lessons, 4 hours

Basket finishing techniques, also known as basket borders, are, for many people, the most complicated part of weaving a basket. This is why in this online course I put a great deal of emphasis on understanding the principles and fundamentals of making borders. With this kind of thorough understanding, you'll be able to weave any type of border and any variation you desire.

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