Welcome Basket Makers

Here you will find a large variety of video courses teaching straightforward, serious willow basket weaving in great depth and detail. Of course, many of the things I teach can be applied to other weaving materials, even center cane, with the understanding that some modifications might need to be made. I myself work with a variety of local weaving materials, each with its own unique qualities. 

I am not a professional basket maker, but rather a passionate, self-taught basket maker. With that said, I do believe that my tutoring has a lot to offer, not just for beginners, but for advanced basket makers too, and even basket-making teachers.


All of my courses are completely free, no registration or sign-up required. Among my courses: Basket Borders (Basket Finishing Techniques)Round Basket BasesOval Basket BasesWillow Basketry - Beginners Guide.

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If you have any questions, requests, or feedback, feel free to contact me.

Have fun watching :)
Asaf Salim