Welcome Basketmakers

Here you will find a large variety of video courses, teaching straightforward, serious willow basket weaving, in great depth and detail. Of course, many of the things I teach can be applied to other weaving materials, even center cane, with the understanding that some modifications might need to be made. I myself work with a variety of foraged materials, such as pomegranate, mastic tree, buckthorn, olive, and date palm branches.


I am mostly self-taught. I only took a few classes back when I started, and then proceeded to learn on my own from looking at baskets, pictures of baskets, YouTube tutorials, and lately - a great willow weaving book.


My school is based on donations, which means my courses are available for everyone at all times. If you should find my teaching useful and insightful, please consider making a donation. Though I truly love creating these courses and sharing my passion with the world, maintaining this school is actually a full-time job, so, any donation would be much appreciated. Another way to support my work would be to share a course that you enjoyed every once in a while.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, requests, or feedback.

Asaf Salim

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